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One example Froggipedia allows students to virtually peel the skin off and dissect a frog to reveal its innards, which he claimed could save some amphibian lives. The company also announced a new Curriculum called Everyone Can Create, designed to help teachers integrate digital drawing, photography and music into their lesson plans, and Schoolwork, an app which lets teachers assign homework and track the progress of their students digitally. Student accounts through schools will now be assigned GB of free iCloud storage space, up from the current allowance of 5GB.

Apple to reveal three iPhones, including largest ever, in September.

Apple Highlights How iPads Are Helping Students and Teachers in Multilingual Classrooms - MacRumors

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Apple Adds Pencil Support to Cheapest iPads, Debuts New Education Software

Apple has revealed a new, affordable iPads for schools at an event in Chicago Photo: i. Rhiannon Williams 1 year Tuesday March 27th How deleting your Facebook account could cause some problems. Most Popular.

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What the new porn block law means. What does it look like if somebody's blocked me on WhatsApp? Porn ban age checks for under 18s delayed again. Apple also showed off new kid-focused sound packs for Garage Band, updates to its Swift Playgrounds coding app that adds AR Kit actions, and new tools to help kids package and share their creative projects.

It wasn't all homework and quizzes at today's event. Apple announced a few software feature bumps regular consumers can appreciate.

Apple Education Pricing

There's also a new set of templates in Apple's digital book authoring software, which also earns support for the Pencil. Third-party apps will likely follow and add support for the stylus. The new iPads loaded with school-friendly features arrive at a time when Apple is trailing in classroom tech. The leader is Google, whose Chromebooks command almost 60 percent of the school computer market according to recent data from market research firm Futuresource Consulting.

Next in line is Microsoft, whose Windows PCs make up 22 percent of school computers, according to the same report.

Microsoft's Minecraft game has also been enjoying a surprise parallel life as a teaching tool. Apple meanwhile commands less than 19 percent of the education market. In addition to marketing iPads to schools, the company sells digital schoolbooks through its iBooks platform, and offers education software like its Classroom app and the Swift Playgrounds teaching tool for budding coders.

There are also , educational apps in the App Store.

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But the big reason Google is winning this battle: value. In a story published yesterday by the Hechinger Report and WIRED, Apple was found to be responsible for wide disparities in pricing in its education tech products, which school districts are required to purchase directly from the company.

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Given the option to buy inexpensive, rugged, auto-updating Chrome OS devices for substantially less than the more finicky iPads, there's little surprise schools are flocking to the Google-powered machines. Administrators are spending big money on this stuff. If Apple is going to be successful in its bid to peel off a larger share of that education pot, it will need to convince education IT buyers that its new devices offer a better value, an easier maintenance regimen, and a richer classroom experience than Chromebooks.

Now we all have to wait to see if these new iPads pass the test.

How to get a student discount on MacBook and other Apple products

Apple's new iPad Pro is designed for professional creative work, so we put it to the test. A WIRED photographer, designer and video producer tried using the tablet and Apple's new Pencil stylus to retouch images, draw and edit video. Teacher's Pets The new 9. Related Video.