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  1. Use and Care of Your ORCA Cooler
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  3. Use and Care of Your ORCA Cooler
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Take Yeti, for instance: The Yeti , also known as The Abominable Snowman, is a mythical creature known for living in predominantly cold and snowy areas.


Use and Care of Your ORCA Cooler

That would be an appropriate name for a cooler brand. The orca, also known as the killer whale, is a dolphin-like sea mammal that lives in predominantly cool waters. Pelican coolers are part of the broader product offering by Pelican, so they just had to take on the family name. Fatboy, however, I cannot explain for the life of me. This company, however, has racked up quite a good reputation since its inception in The table below shows a lineup of Fatboy Coolers roto-molded ice chests with all necessary pieces of information in one place.

Later on, you will get detailed review including design and features, so that way you can make an informed decision when you make your purchase! Roto-molding , also known as rotational molding, a kind of process used to form plastic. Fatboy uses this method and it is what makes their hard coolers so strong and durable. Plus, a one-piece construction dramatically increases ice retention times, making them hold ice for longer than coolers that were made from other plastic forming processes.

The life of a Fatboy cooler begins as a mold which is loaded with a powdered form of polyethylene.

Find deals from more stores like ORCA Coolers

It is then heated in a large oven, all the while being rotated along two axes bi-axial rotation. That rotation is what makes roto-molded coolers so strong. It allows the plastic to spread evenly throughout the mold, ensuring consistent thickness in the walls and stress-free corners that are very strong. Once the polyethylene has adhered to the mold, the mold is removed from the oven and allowed to cool.

The Fatboy cooler body is then removed from the mold and finally ready for more processing. The Fatboy cooler body at this point is still nothing more than a hollow piece of plastic. A good looking one, of course, but not much beyond that. The cooler core is lined with insulating foam, which is what helps keep the internal temperatures consistent for up to 10 days.

The beauty of roto-molding is that the cooler is constructed as one piece.

Use and Care of Your ORCA Cooler

Roto-molded coolers are at once both strong and durable and will keep your ice cold a lot longer. That said we like the strength on this cooler. Okay, maybe one scratch, but we had to look really hard. When it comes to features, there are a lot of things we loved about this cooler.

It is slip resistant 10 and holds well in place. One of the problems we have with other coolers is how you have to rest the lid against something when you open it to stop it from slamming shut. Not so with the Fatboy cooler. It stays in place and requires a bit of force to swing open and shut. We also love the T-rex latches 2. They are industrial grade latches that hold the cooler tightly shut. With other coolers, the latches can feel pretty loose and might have a tendency to come off too easily.

This becomes a problem when you load the cooler in the back of your truck and then take it for a bumpy ride. You get to your destination and realize your cooler latches came undone somewhere on the way and all of your ice has melted.

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We also love the handles 5 on the Fatboy. A lot of cooler brands boast about their nylon rope handles and how strong they are. Well, we actually compared the handles on the Fatboy to those on some other coolers, such as the RTIC , and they feel as strong and as easy to remove as in the case of RTIC. These things should last you a lifetime.

On top of that, the front corners also double as bottle openers 1. Other features we really appreciated were the non-skid bottom feets 9 , the molded ruler 7 on the top, the drain plug, and the vacuum release. You have to wait an unimaginable length of time just to drain the water out. To begin, the plug is tethered to the cooler by a stainless steel chain.

It comes in two levels. You can remove the top plug, which is shaped like your regular garden hose, for a slow and high-pressure drain. At that level, the hole is about the same diameter as in just about every other cooler. You can go a step further and remove the second lid as well, revealing the full drain hall. That means you water rains much faster.

Hard Sided Coolers

When you try to drain water out of a cooler, air forces the water to come out in spurts and bursts. This makes for slow drainage. With the Fatboy, you get a vacuum release button that lets the air in via a different passage so the water can come out more smoothly. As a result, it drains much quicker. Finally, we look at the ice chest itself.

In the lid alone you find an industrial grade gasket 11 that helps to keep all that temperature, or lack of it, on the inside of your cooler where it belongs. Inside the ice chest, you get two trays where you can place various things. These help you separate stuff from the ice, such as meat and fish. Itarget discount code.

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